As a buy to let Landlord there’s no question that buy-to-let is becoming an increasingly-troublesome area in the UK for investors to run in 2019.

Landlords have been getting accustomed to the increasing ream of regulations, changes to tax policy, and the subsequent cost increases that the government’s attack on the rentals market has created over the past couple of years. It’s why property sales for buy-to-let purposes is falling through the floor — in 2018, sales to landlords tanked 12% year-on-year to some 66,400, recent figures from UK Finance showed and with the tenant fee ban looming as well


Dubai sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, bridging time zones across East and West and providing easy access to many of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.


Dubai is free from Income Tax for residents and there’s no Value Added Tax (VAT) levied on residential property for investors, making it a very attractive destination in terms of lifestyle as well as investment.

The UAE is the No 1 country in the world for macro-economic stability in the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Competitive Index.


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index 2018 revealed that the UAE is one of the safest places in the world in which to live.


Logistically, it’s very easy and relatively inexpensive to invest in property in Dubai, whilst the following points ensure the property market remains highly liquid:

  • Some of the highest rental yields in the world
  • Strong capital appreciation
  • Readily-available financing options

Global awareness and Dubai’s credibility as a desirable lifestyle destination have resulted in a multi-national customer base. Furthermore, well-developed broker base means resale of a property is easy too.

There are also many reasons why you would want to travel and holiday here from the tourist spots, weather and attractions to the marina and beach front resorts.

Everything here is on a grand scale from the world’s tallest building to the world’s biggest shopping mall with a selection of fantastic hotels to choose from. You can easily be swept away with the sheer size and range of developments and attractions.

When you sit down and look at the different developments you can easily get lost as there is so much to choose from in different areas so we researched areas that would be suitable for investment, holiday homes or to live in.

As a buy to let investor we have looked at the many districts and areas We looked at Downtown Dubai Interestingly

The Knight Frank world report 2018-2019 picked up the same location as a potential hotspot:-

Downtown Extension: DIFC, World Trade Centre and Za’abeel, Dubai

Taimur Khan, Knight Frank Middle East

“The development of the Downtown neighbourhood has really boosted Dubai’s standing as a property market with a truly global appeal. With its luxury apartments and top-flight amenities, such as the Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping and entertainment centre, plus its proximity to the city’s key business hub, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Downtown Dubai has become a magnet for young professionals and families alike.

Now the popularity of this live-work-play hotspot is spreading to surrounding areas, including DIFC itself, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and the prestigious neighbourhood of Za’abeel. With a range of new developments underway, the so-called “Downtown Extension” looks set to become a sought-after mixed-use neighbourhood.”

We believe that Downtown Dubai is now set to deliver some great returns, and this is our focus. It’s an area that is pretty much fully developed, around the Burj Khalifa, fountain and Dubai Mall and sits next to the DIFC.  The supply of new apartments in Downtown will tail off and disappear over the next 2 years as construction finishes. This supply is keeping prices low now, but this does make current rental yields attractive.

Our research and insight lead us to conclude that once the supply of new units in Downtown finishes and it becomes a market of reduced supply comprising re-sales only, there will be an opportunity for considerable capital appreciation. It is probably a 5 to 10-year exit plan to maximize growth with interim rental income

We currently are marketing RP Heights currently offering an 8% return guaranteed for 3 years offering an exceptional return situated close to the world’s biggest shopping mall.

Our Dubai Partner Ravi has worked and lived in Dubai for over 20 years and he has vast knowledge and experience. He has close contacts and excellent working relationships with the biggest and safest developers, and we will impart his knowledge and reasoning to anyone interested in investing, living or securing a holiday home.

I met with Robert D Booth and we are working with his company, Ellington Properties, and he was truly inspirational with his vision about Dubai and his style of developing. He was responsible for the development of Downtown Dubai including the mall and Burj Khalifa. You can follow this link for some info about him.

There are many developers, many developments and more to be built but with careful planning and research it is very possible to find the right development, price and potential returns and we have handpicked the developments that we believe offer potentially the best investments and returns.


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